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Your website Admin Area:

When you login to your admin area you will be presented with the latest statistics page. This page shows the latest visitors to your website. You can access this page anytime by clicking on your logo whilst logged in.
There is a built in help system in the form of Tooltips holding your mouse pointer on this image will produce a help tooltip.
If you have any problems you can email us and we will gladly help out.
The top menu has 4 buttons: View site, logout, backup and Filemanager.

View site:

After you make changes, add texts, images etc to your website in admin, use this link to preview these changes - Use your browsers 'back' button to return to admin to continue editing.
Another method is to right-click on View site and select 'open in new tab' or 'open in new window' to preview your changes, however you would need to always manually 'refresh' the window to see changes after any edits.


Logs you out of your websites Admin Area.


You can manually backup your websites database, although we backup your website on the server also.


Filemanager is where your images, files, etc are located and stored. You must always upload any images etc into Filemanager first, if you wish to use them in your webpages. Many of these files are added 'on the fly' such as when you make an image gallery or upload product images from your PC. You can manually upload files from your PC also.
Slides for your Banner-slider must be uploaded into the 'slides' folder using filemanager before you can add them as slides AND THEY NEED TO BE 940px by 220px to fit correctly, although we can help with resizing.
Product images and Image gallery slideshow pics are added to filemanager automatically when you create a shop or slideshow from the appropriate menu in admin.


Here you can add or edit your existing navigation menu links. These are the main links on your website pages that run horizontally near your logo.
You can change the order in which they appear by dragging them up or down in the bottom right of the screen where they all appear as a list in admin.
When you have added a menu link - click the 'Add Menu' button at the bottom of the screen, then preview your site.

You can now also make external links - this is because many clients have Youtube channels, Ebay shops or dedicated Forums as other websites.


These are your current website pages. You can edit these webpage titles to more suit your own business or add new pages...
Please note: You add your page contents, texts, images etc using 'posts' (next section).
When you add a new empty page, you can decide whether it will have a gallery assigned to it that you have previously made or assign the contact form or allow blog comments and also add 'Keywords and page description' for the search engines.


Posts are assigned to pages. These are where you add your webpage content such as text, images. You can edit existing posts or make new ones and then assign them to any website pages you have created.


This section contains all your available modules.
Use the 'configure' link to edit these handy widgets to suit or use the edit link to change the title.
Please note: You add these modules to your pages using the 'Layout' menu.


Allows a user to add an image gallery/slideshow. You can upload images from your PC for use in a gallery.


This section provides a 'drag and drop' area for adding any modules to particular pages. Navigate to an existing webpage using the dropdown list on the right.
Now drag a module (the blue boxes on left) over into one of the grey striped areas on the right. Now preview your webpage and the module will appear. (refresh the page if you are viewing it in a separate browser window)


You can have more than one admin if required. When adding a new user you can choose to make he/she a normal admin (no access to certain parts of admin area only) or a Super Admin, who has access to all of the Admin area.


Most of this section is pre-filled but you would need to add an email address for your contact form to send email to.
You can choose templates for your website, add company name etc
Please note: Website Url MUST BE YOUR CORRECT WEBSITE ADDRESS or your website will stop working. If you have a logo, you may need us to add it for you as they tend to come in many shapes and sizes. Email us if you require any help with a Logo.
There is a drop-down link for Theme Chooser for visually showing a thumbnail preview of the website templates available.
If you find a template in the theme chooser you wish to use, but dont like the colour, we can alter this for you also - just email us.

Shop section.

Click on the Shop ... tab.
This will show the configuration section. You will need to add your Paypal email address for recieving payments and Offline payment info.
Paypal currency MUST BE THE SAME currency your Paypal account is in.
There is also a Sandbox mode for testing purchases and making your shop offline whilst you set it up.
You will need a Paypal sandbox account for test purchasing.
There is a dropdown-list under the main Shop tab with links for adding product categories, then adding products to these categories.
Shipping and handling fees can be added if required and discounts offered. Any transactions completed (either Paypal or offline payment) will show in Transactions section.

PLEASE NOTE: Your customers do not need to have a Paypal account. They will be able to use their credit/debit cards etc.

Please contact us here or from your client area for any assistance.

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