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Packages (Starter/Business)
One-time setup cost:This is a one-time only fee covering the cost of setting up your website. This will be added to your first payment. £20 (one time only)
Monthly cost: (includes webhosting)This is the recurring fee that will be paid each month covering the cost of your website builder and web hosting. £10 per month Starter Package
£15 per month Business Package
Setup time:Your website will setup within 24 hours from ordering. This may take longer if you are transferring your domain name from another website. Same Day
Your own domain name:Each website will be hosted on its own own unique web address which we will register on your behalf (if it is available). If you have already registered your own domain name you can transfer this to us and use this too. Yes
Custom design service:We can create a bespoke design based upon your instruction, colour scheme, images and layout, reflecting the uniqueness of yourself and your business. Yes
Help and Support:Helpful and efficient support is available 7 DAYS A WEEK from our UK-based team by email and a Priority Support Ticket System located in your client area. Yes
You create and control the content of your website
Number of web pages:Unlike many webhosts, we don't limit the number of pages that you're allowed to have. Both our packages allow you to have as few or as many web pages as you require. Unlimited on Both Packages
Add / edit / delete pages:Create you own website easily: You can edit, add and delete web pages whenever you like, update text, add images and documents, insert extra modules etc - giving you full control. Available on Both Packages
WYSIWYG page editor:From within your admin area you can edit any of your webpages using our "MS Word" style editor. Add hyperlinks, change font colours, add a Paypal 'buy now' button etc, etc. It's as easy as writing an email. Available on Both Packages
Image and document upload:It is easy to upload both images and documents using the 'Filemanager' in your admin area. Upload PDF files, music, flash and video files for use in your webpages and galleries. Available on Both Packages
Image gallery:Upload your pictures to the Filemanager and display them in your very own photo gallery. Thumbnail images are created automatically from your uploaded images, which when clicked, show the main full-size image. It’s easy to use and maintain. Available on Both Packages
News section:A 'sliding news section' is available if you would like to show news bulletins on your webpages, creating a fresh up-to-date appearance with news of new developments in your own field, exhibitions or shows you’re participating in, new services you’re adding to your business and special offers. Available on Both Packages
Contact form to email:Your visitors can contact you from your very own contact form with spam protection - just add your preferred email address in admin area. Available on Both Packages
Search engine friendly:You can easily enhance your website's search engine profile with the use of Meta Tags and Page title tags. With our 'Content Management System'; you can add and edit these tags for your website as a whole and for each individual page. These tags are then picked up by search engines and are used in indexing your website. Available on Both Packages
Change website layout:Change any of your page layouts to 1, 2 or 3 columns Available on Both Packages
Event Manager:Add events to your calender - when clicked they display more detailed information. Very easy to add/remove events. Available on Both Packages
Poll manager:Easily add polls to your webpages - find out what your visitors opinions are on any subject. Easy to add new poll subjects and choices. Available on Both Packages
Twitter module:Use Twitter? then add your twitter ID and the module will display your latest tweets automatically anywhere on your website Available on Both Packages
Paypal shopping cart:Visitors can add products to the cart and checkout when ready. In admin, you can assign products to categories, add tax classes and shipping/delivery charges if applicable. Business Package Only
Paypal 'Buy now' buttons:Insert paypal 'Buy now' buttons in your pages using the WYSIWYG 'MS WORD STYLE' page editor. Available on Both Packages
Banner slider/fader:Add your very own image/banner slider (similar to our homepage one). Available on Both Packages
Cancel anytime - no lengthy contracts:All that is required is 30 days notice. Yes

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Create your own website

You need 3 basic things to create your own website:
1. The website itself (Usually you pay a developer hundreds, even thousands for a website)
2. An address or domain name (eg: www.onlinesitebuilder.net)
3. A place for it to reside on the web.(A website host)
Using our Starter package as an example you could have a modern, professional website online for 50p a day. We cover all these in one neat package - An online website builder, free website hosting and a domain name registering option. We also recognise that not everyone has the same amount of time and the same level of technical skills. Our sitebuilder is designed for beginners upto advanced users alike with assistance always at hand in your personal client area including your own help ticket system. Just log into your website from any computer with an internet connection and edit your content and graphics yourself!